Meet our Old Friend, Bob!

A friend is a friend to the end of the end!

        CTEC has never been a associated to a party and has no intention to do so. We have also never had someone close to us run for any office. This year our friend, Bob Martin, is running for Coroner. In no way we are telling who to vote for but we do ask you to take the time to know him and make an informed decision this coming August 21st.

        Did you know there are only four people in the great State of Wyoming that have achieved a diplomat status with the American Board of Medico-legal Death Investigators? Bob Martin is one of them and is currently now working as the Deputy Coroner with the Laramie County Coroner's Office.


         Not everybody can perform the tasks a Deputy Coroner has, one of the hardest ones giving family members the worst news anyone will ever receive. It takes compassion, love and respect. Those left behind need to feel that those love one are being treated with respect and compassion no matter what their history was.

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